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With our expertise, we specialize in utilizing the power of a proper diet to reverse type 2 diabetes, safeguard against chronic diseases. We are leading Nutritionist and dietician in Goa.


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Nutrition Meet complements Yoga by providing expert nutritional guidance to enhance overall well-being. By offering customized diet plans and evidence-based research, Nutrition Meet ensures that practitioners have the right nutrition to support their Yoga practice. This collaboration empowers individuals to achieve optimal health, balance, and mindfulness, making the combination of Yoga and nutrition a potent force in attaining a healthier, happier life.







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Diet Management

Tailored diet plans from Nutrition Meet enhance wellbeing with effective, personalized diet management for optimal results.


Transform with Yoga’s holistic service – experience inner peace and physical harmony through expert guidance.

Weight Loss

Achieve your weight loss goals with our comprehensive and results-driven weight loss service. Get started today!

diabetes reversal

Take control of diabetes with our specialized service – empowering you to reverse and manage effectively. Act now!

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“Myth and Fact about Weight Loss” written by Sobin S. Gupta, delves into the realities behind weight loss, dispelling common misconceptions with evidence-based insights. This informative book provides practical tips for achieving sustainable and healthy weight management.


Client Reviews

Nutrition Meet transformed my wellness journey! The personalized diet plan perfectly complemented my Yoga practice, and the expert guidance boosted my confidence in making healthier choices. Thanks to Nutrition Meet, I feel more balanced, energetic, and have shed excess weight. It’s the ultimate destination for a healthier, happier life.

Nick Simmons

Shakshi Desai, Panjim Goa

Nutrition Meet is a game-changer! The tailored diet plan and community support helped me overcome chronic health issues. The combination of Yoga and nutrition knowledge improved my well-being significantly. I highly recommend Nutrition Meet to anyone seeking control over their health through proper nutrition.

Maria Livingston

Neha Malik, Dwarka, New Delhi

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Non veg weight loss diet plan

Non veg weight loss diet plan

We understand that losing weight doesn’t mean compromising on taste or giving up your favorite foods. That’s why our Non Veg Weight Loss Diet Plan offers a perfect balance of mouthwatering non-vegetarian dishes and the right nutrients to accelerate your weight loss journey.

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Goan Weight Loss Diet Plan

Goan Weight Loss Diet Plan

Are you tired of restrictive diets that make you give up on your favorite Goan delicacies? Look no further! Our Goan Weight Loss Diet Plan is designed to provide you with a holistic and sustainable approach to shedding those unwanted pounds without compromising on taste and cultural preferences.

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vegetarian weight loss diet plan

21 days High Protein Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan

If you’re on a quest to shed those extra pounds and achieve your dream body while adhering to a vegetarian lifestyle then our Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan is for you, this comprehensive and meticulously crafted diet plan is your ultimate solution.

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