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Welcome to an Era of Healing and Embracing a Healthy Life.

Consistency is our top priority

Consistency is the top priority for a healthy life, and Nutrition Meet emphasizes this fundamental principle. Through regular exercise, balanced nutrition, sufficient sleep, and mindful practices, we encourage our clients to maintain healthy habits day after day. By fostering a commitment to well-being, we help individuals achieve lasting results and lead happier, healthier lives. At Nutrition Meet, we believe that small, consistent steps pave the way for significant transformations.

Sobin Gupta

Our story

Our journey so far

Hi, I’m Sobin S. Gupta, and I’m thrilled to share my transformative journey with you, leading to the creation of Nutrition Meet. Through prioritizing my well-being with regular activities and an organized diet tailored to my lifestyle, I shed physical and emotional weight. Now, Nutrition Meet is a supportive community empowering others to lead healthier lives.

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My transformation

My Journey from 86 kg to 60 kg

My transformation has been remarkable. Prioritizing my well-being through regular activities and an organized diet, I shed both physical and emotional weight. This journey led me to found Nutrition Meet—a supportive community empowering others to lead healthier lives. Through consistency and resilience, I achieved personal milestones and now strive to inspire others on their paths to a brighter, healthier future.

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marathon sobin gupta
Sobin gupta marathon

My Reward

My first ever marathon reward

Even though I have received numerous achievements throughout this short journey, the picture of the marathon will always hold a special place in my heart. It serves as a constant inspiration to me, as it was my first-ever running competition—a feat I never thought possible in the past. Running had always seemed like an impossible task, but this milestone shattered my doubts and became a symbol of triumph and growth.

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Why nutrition meet

Empowering Healthier Lives, One Step at a Time


Amazing Recipe

Savor the Trend of Delicious Living: Our Recipes Bridge the Gap, Nourishing and Healing Simultaneously.



Nourishing diets empower, curing diabetes; transforming lives with wholesome, balanced nutrition.


Personalized Diet Plan

Optimize health with tailored nutrition: Personalized diets for your unique needs and goals.


Weight Loss

Empower weight loss journey: Sustainable habits, balanced diet, and active lifestyle pave the way.

Our chef

Sobin S. Gupta


We design healthy recipe to your fit!

At some point in life, you must have heard that good health starts in the kitchen. Crafting, testing, and creating delicious food have always been a significant aspect of our lives, and our recipes are designed to assist with that.

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