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5 Healthy, delicious cookies for diabetes!


There is a need to understand why diabetes occurs and why it is common in the 21st century. The simple answer to all the above doubts is 10% genetically, and the other 90% is due to our eating patterns and unhealthy lifestyle. and alternative for snacks are cookies for diabetes.

It is always forbidden for people with type 2 diabetes to avoid food high in sugar or glycemic index as it causes a high rise in blood sugar.

Avoiding these during diabetes or living with diabetes is by no means the end of the world of happiness. In this article, I will write down some proven cookies that will help you not compromise on the sweet and decadent taste of any cookies for any occasion or traditional party. These cookies may help you in weight loss.

cookies for diabetes

1. Almond flour cookies

Almond flour is one of the best in the market today as it contains less sugar and carbohydrates than ours. So to bake almond flour cookies, you need some natural sweeteners like stevia and erythritol (see my other blog for almond flour cookies recipe). There are other alternative sweeteners available that claim not to cause insulin resistance.

2. Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies are the best option if you are a cookie addict but worry about rising sugar levels. Peanut Butter Cookies are good in fiber which can also help with diabetes, and they are completely sugar-free. Prepare Peanut butter cookies doesn’t require any extra fancy loaded kitchen. Just follow the cookie recipe and load yourself with cookies without increasing your glucose level.

3. Ragi cookies

Foods rich in fiber and nutrients keep us full for a long time throughout the day, which helps in preventing overheating. So here, Ragi cookies will help better as it is high in fiber and minerals. In research, it says that intake of Ragi may also improve blood sugar and cholesterol level. You may also find the Ragi Cookies recipe in our recipe section.

4. Bajara (Millet)

People with diabetes are always suggested to eat high-fiber-friendly food; in this context, replacing bajra (millet) flour with wheat flour is always recommended. More than 1% of the world’s population has celiac disease, so gluten-free foods such as Bajra (millet) and cookies made from Bajra (millet) would be a good choice.

5. Quinoa flour cookies

Like other healthy cookies, quinoa is known for being high in fiber, protein, and gluten-free. Its nutritional profile keeps you full throughout the day, thus avoiding overeating.

Listing out these five delicious cookies for people with diabetes is to avoid eating harmful cookies that raise blood sugar levels and cause other harm to the body. Tea is a ubiquitous drink for every family in India and is also addictive, but apart from tea, people also look forward to snacks to eat. So these healthy cookies will help you stop eating harmful cookies with your tea. This article can be an excellent answer to your search for which cookies should be eaten for diabetes.

According to a conversation with one of my grandparents, today’s food system in search of good taste, processed food, and fancy dishes has changed drastically, which causes massive harm to health.

As many of us have work pressure, competition, and stress, and some domestic pressures are more injurious to health; there is a need for high changes in lifestyle and eating patterns. Eating food that supports our digestive system and boosts our health can help us avoid this modern disease.


Unfortunately, when someone gets to know that they have diabetes first and foremost change that happens in their lives is they give up all the tasty cookies and other tasty food lists, considered unhealthy for them. However, all the cookies, i.e., almond flour cookies, Raggi cookies, millet flour cookies, peanut butter cookies, and Quinoa flour cookies, are tasty and healthy alternatives to the all-purpose flour cookies, which can be eaten in moderation by diabetes patients as well.


Can I eat cookies being a diabetes patient?

So, the answer is yes, unless you are mixing any artificial shield or processed items while preparing these cookies, these five cookies are the best for type 2 diabetic patients.

List of cookies for diabetes?

These five best cookies can replace processed and sugar-added marketed cookies on your plate during snacks.
Almond flour cookies
Peanut butter cookies
Ragi cookies
Bajara (Millet)
Quinoa flour cookies

Written by

Sobin S. Gupta (MSc)

Sobin S. Gupta is a multifaceted professional—nutritionist, researcher, writer, and diabetes educator. She founded "Nutrition Meet," dedicated to educating the community on preventing and curing chronic diseases. With a passion for health and wellness, Sobin empowers individuals to take control of their well-being through informed dietary choices.

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