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High Cholesterol after the holiday? Cause and Prevention.

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Last year, my grandparents had reasonable control over cholesterol and diabetes. But once they returned from their holiday, and they experienced high cholesterol after the holiday, I am sure you must be wondering why cholesterol is rising in vocation and how to control the Cholesterol during the holiday.

To control a rise in cholesterol while you’re on vacation, avoid dietary and lifestyle changes that trigger cholesterol. But, there may be another story behind this, which is the main reason for increasing cholesterol. Maintaining a diet and sleeping well is still better; this is the first step. Let’s examine the cause and another possible method of prevention.

High Cholesterol after the holiday

High Cholesterol after the holiday?

Well, this question may be confusing, but it is true. Our research found that the festival is not the only reason for the increase in cholesterol; In every after-lipid profile blood report, most health professionals may be recommended to eat green leafy vegetables and a healthy lifestyle to lower total cholesterol. And this is obvious; many of you may assume that your vacation has changed some diet and lifestyle, so that may have raised your cholesterol; I’ll fix this after the break: Yes, in some cases, it can be a significant reason, but not in most cases. Because there is a huge amount of people who have never made any change during the holiday, why has their cholesterol raised?

What causes high cholesterol during the holiday?

More than half the world celebrates their holiday in winter as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more. Family gatherings and visiting friends and relatives are prevalent, so dietary changes are expected. After all, we need to accompany everyone., but another side according to research, there are routinely more depressing cholesterol numbers during colder months than warmer months—not by much, but the variation is more significant. [1]. Winter is one of the other reasons causes of the rise in cholesterol.

Why winter causes cholesterol to be high?

Summer is known for its heat and sweating during outdoor activities; Most people get exposure to sunlight, which is a great natural source of vitamin D and is more critical for people with cholesterol problems. But in winter, everything turns upside down. No active life, no outdoor activity, no natural Vitamin D, and lack of these in day-to-day life in winter is the main reason for increasing cholesterol.

How to prevent cholesterol during the festival or after the festival?

While nature covers everything around us in white snow, we become clueless about how to maintain physical activity being locked into the house. This situation even becomes tricky because most of the festive holidays are at this time tempting us towards food. Nevertheless, do be clueless; here are some tips for maintaining good health with fun and enjoyment.

Indoor Cycling:

Cycling itself has excellent overall health benefits. Any exercise, including bicycling, helps burn some extra calories, and the release of endorphins increases your general sense of well-being. And on top of that, according to data evidence, indoor cycling and proper dietary intake reduce cholesterol growth [2].

Intermittent Fasting:

Giving a gap within your food intake has huge health benefits like weight loss and reduced cardiovascular disease; in some cases, it has been found that practicing intermittent fasting reduces type 2 diabetes. Being overweight, having Cardiovascular diseases, and having diabetes are also related to cholesterol. According to a published in the National Library of Medicine, People who follow intermittent fasting can reduce their cholesterol level [3].

Indoor walk:

According to research on the national walkers, it was observed that moderate walking reduces the risks of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and coronary heart disease [4]. Hence, irrespective of place, doing even 30 min of fast or slow walking will help you lose some calories and reduce the risk of chronic diseases [5].

Alcohol and fried food.

Deep-fried foods have a terrible effect on health since heating oil on high flame leads to thermal oxidation, hydrolysis, and polymerization, which changes the fatty acid structural level from cis to trans configuration. Eventually, the trans-fat gets absorbed by the food we eat, leading to elevated cholesterol levels and risks to heart health (6,7).

Therefore a wise decision is to avoid fried foods even though you are on holiday.

Similarly, alcohol also does not bring any good fortune; a higher level of alcohol consumption results in higher triglyceride levels (8).


The holiday is a time of joy, and take away should be good memories, not high cholesterol after the holiday. The connection between winter, holidays, and high cholesterol is quite evident as we tend to binge eat during the festive holidays, mainly in winter when we hardly move around, decreasing physical activity. But instead, we should be the opposite of it and watch our eating, know what to eat, and utilize the tips and tricks mentioned in this article to remain physically active.

Written by

Sobin S. Gupta (MSc)

Sobin S. Gupta is a multifaceted professional—nutritionist, researcher, writer, and diabetes educator. She founded "Nutrition Meet," dedicated to educating the community on preventing and curing chronic diseases. With a passion for health and wellness, Sobin empowers individuals to take control of their well-being through informed dietary choices.

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